What We Do

Videoconferencing is designed to enhance every aspect of engaging with a provider … from first contact to finished report. We offer our clients ease of use, protection of privacy, and delivery of the highest level of expertise. Our efficient and innovative videoconferencing approach is designed to meet the immediate need for a drug and alcohol evaluation for adults in the community. Our method also meets the special demands of the criminal justice system for the court ordered substance abuse and mental health evaluations in New Jersey by providing a full court report (TASC model) within 72 hours following the evaluation. Our fully licensed clinicians have years of experience in providing assessments and diagnosis for addiction, mental health and co-occurring disorders. Our goal is to enhance and expand the referral to appropriate treatment providers by effectively removing the barriers to timely assessment. 

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How We Do It

Flexible hours are just one of the benefits of using video technology. Our NJ licensed clinicians are prepared to meet the special demands of court ordered adult assessments in a timely, efficient process of the highest quality. Employing evidence based methods our therapists will assess for the presence of substance abuse, mental health, cognitive, and general life adjustment challenges. A completed report, in the same standardized format used by NJ TASC, will include a comprehensive treatment/action plan and recommendation for additional services, if indicated, by ASAM criteria. The evaluation and report will be completed within 72 hours. Clients will schedule their own appointment with little wait. Their security and privacy are carefully protected meeting HIPAA requirements.

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Why We Do It

Our secure video sessions are designed to meet the immediate needs of adults in the community as well as the special demands of the criminal justice system. Reaching out for help and guidance can be daunting. It is difficult to know where to start. People sometimes feel unsure of the seriousness of their use of drugs or alcohol. The stigma associated with drug or alcohol abuse often prevents a person from seeking any help at all. We sought to remove these barriers through the use of videoconferencing from the privacy of the client’s home as well as quick access to convenient appointments. We have daily, weekend and week night appointments available.

Our criminal justice system frequently requires that a mental health and substance abuse evaluation be completed.  The early offender population is at a critical point in their lives. With little history of previous offences they can be extremely concerned with what has led them to this crisis. These individuals may or may not have significant substance abuse problems. A meaningful intervention at this juncture, along with continued support and supervision by the criminal justice system can often make this the only crisis they experience. 

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